Small Dogs
(up to 10 pounds)

Junior Dogs
(up to 20 pounds)

Medium Dogs
(up to 40 pounds)

Intermediate Dogs
(up to 45 pounds)

Large Dogs
(up to 65 pounds)

Extra Large Dogs
(up to 95 pounds)

Giant Dogs
(up to 120 pounds)

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Within the contiguous 48 states!
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"Home is where your dog's heart is"
Remington Plastic Crates 
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* These are general crate parameters.  Dogs vary in size depending on breed, gender, and genetic lineages. 
Small Crate
20" Long x 12" Wide x 12" High
For dogs up to 10 pounds.*
Junior Crate
24" Long x 16" Wide x 14" Hide
For dogs up to 20 pounds.*
Medium Crate
Intermediate Crate
28" Long x 21" Wide x 22" High
For dogs up to 45 pounds.*
26" Long x 17" Wide x 18" High
For dogs up to 40 pounds.*
Large Crate
Extra Large Crate
36" Long x 26" Wide x 28" High
For dogs up to 65 pounds.*
40" Long x 27" Wide x 30" High
For dogs up to 95 pounds.*